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Cashew Nuts

The Cashew Nut is rich in Vitamins A, D, K, E and B, especially Thiamine, which stimulates appetite. Containing minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron, Cashew nuts are also good for those who suffer from Amaemia.

Cashew Nuts are also a good source of Ribonflavin which helps to keep the body active. There are also reports that Cashew Nuts can help to lower blood cholesterol, relieve arthritis and rheumatism and aid in the cure of diabetes and kidney disorders.

India is by far the largest producer of Cashew Nuts. This is where Tong Garden brings in the best Cashew nuts. Well roasted and available lightly salted or honey roasted, they come in airtight aluminium packs to ensure freshness for up to a year.

We Provide:

Cashew Nuts (Honey) 40Gm

Cashew Nuts (Salted) 40Gm

Cashew Nuts (Salted) 90Gm

Cashew Nuts (Salted) 180Gm

Cashew Nuts (Plain)

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Cashew Nuts